Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery, the three main points to be considered are Prevention, Anticipation, and Mitigation. Prevention is the act of avoiding those disasters that can be prevented. Anticipation is to plan and develop adequate measures to counter unavoidable disasters. Mitigation is to effectively manage the disasters, and thereby minimize the negative impact.

Process of DC Recovery:

Phase I – Data Collection

  1. Project should be organized with timeline, resources, and expected output
  2. Business impact analysis should be conducted at regular intervals
  3. Risk assessment should be conducted regularly
  4. Onsite and Offsite Backup and Recovery procedures should be reviewed
  5. Alternate site location must be selected and ready for use

Phase II – Plan Development and Testing

  1. Development of Disaster Recovery Plan
  2. Testing the plan

Phase III – Monitoring and Maintenance

  1. Maintenance of the Plan through updates and review
  2. Periodic inspection of DRP
  3. Documentation of changes