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Our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence is what distinguishes Running Fox Technologies from our competitors. With over 10 years of professional IT and Telecom experience, we have honed a skill set that allows us to provide our clients with top of the line service. Serving businesses based in the state of Florida for nearly a decade, we have had the pleasure of working with companies of all sizes. Though the Sunshine State is where it all began, we are now bringing our IT, Telecom, and project management expertise to clients nationwide. 


If you seek professional results at competitive prices, you're right where you need to be.

Meet our Staff

Sheena Polk

 Project Coordinator

Caitlyn Cherkas

Executive Assistant & Web Administrator

Hunter Giambra, President

"As the proud owner and operator of Running Fox Technologies LLC, RFT-Telecom Inc. and "I SAID DONT CALL.ME" I always make it a point to train myself and my employees with the latest resources in the ever-changing world of Information Technology. Over the years I have established a set of specialized skills rooted in IT that are versatile and adaptable. 


At the end of the day, my company’s core mission is to help others simplify and streamline their business and work projects to enable a quicker and more efficient path to their strategic goals".